Vadim Okun, Paul E. Black, and Yaacov Yesha, Testing with Model Checker: Insuring Fault Visibility, WSEAS Transactions on Systems, Vol. 2, Issue 1, pages 77-82, January 2003.

Also published on CD-ROM:
Proceedings of 2002 WSEAS International Conference on System Science, Applied Mathematics & Computer Science, and Power Engineering Systems, edited by Nikos E. Mastorakis and Petr Ekel, pages 1351-1356, WSEAS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (October 2002).

    To detect a fault in software, a test case execution must enable an intermediate error to propagate to the output. We describe two specification-based mutation testing methods that use a model checker to guarantee propagation of faults to visible outputs. We evaluate the methods empirically and show that they are better than the previous "direct reflection" method.

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