Vadim Okun, Paul E. Black, and Yaacov Yesha, Comparison of Fault Classes in Specification-Based Testing, Information and Software Technology, Elsevier, 46(8):525-533, 15 June 2004.

    Our results extending Kuhn's fault class hierarchy provide a justification for the focus of fault-based testing strategies on detecting particular faults and ignoring others. We develop a novel analytical technique which allows us to elegantly prove that the hierarchy applies to arbitrary expressions, not just those in disjunctive normal form. We also use the technique to extend the hierarchy to a wider range of fault classes. To demonstrate broad applicability, we compare faults in practical situations and analyze previous results. In particular, using our technique, we show that the basic meaningful impact strategy of Weyuker et. al. tests for stuck-at faults, not just variable negation faults.

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