HTML Codes for Special Characters

This is a list of special HTML codes for common symbols. They are organized into codes for

You may also find the HTML Quik Reference or the Table Sampler useful.

W3C lists all HTML characters, but not as nicely as this page. Dan Short has a page of HTML Entities, which gives codes for Dingbats, punctuation, chess pieces, Cyrillic alphabet, and much more.

Codes for Special Symbols

symb   Name
& & ampersand
> > greater than
&lt; < less than
&quot; " double quote
&nbsp;   non-breaking space A bunch of these (→        ←) aren't displayed as one space like spaces (→ ←)
&iquest; ¿ inverted question mark
&iexcl; ¡ inverted exclamation mark
&sect; § section
&para; paragraph
&bull; bullet
&#ascii; ASCII character for decimal ascii
The following don't show up in some fonts.
&dagger; dagger
&Dagger; double dagger
&mdash; em-dash instead of   -
&ndash; en-dash instead of   -
&apos; ' apostrophe instead of   '
&lsquo; left single quote instead of   ' or `
&rsquo; right single quote instead of   '
&ldquo; left double quote instead of   "
&rdquo; right double quote instead of   "
&lsaquo; left single angle quotes
&rsaquo; right single angle quotes
&laquo; « left (double) angle quote
&raquo; » right (double) angle quote
&loz; lozenge
&spades; spade suit
&clubs; club suit
&hearts; heart suit (color it with a font attribute )
&diams; diamond suit (color it with a font attribute )

Codes for Math

symb   Name
&sup2; superscript 2
&sup3; superscript 3
&int; integral
&sum; summation
&prod; product
&fnof; ƒ Latin f with hook
&radic; square root cube root could be ³√
&minus; minus instead of   -
&plusmn; ± plus/minus
&infin; infinity
&asymp; approximately equal
&prop; proportional
&equiv; equivalent
&ne; not equal
&le; less than or equal
&ge; greater than or eqal
&times; × times instead of x or *
&middot; · dot
&divide; ÷ divide
&part; partial derivative
&prime; prime instead of   '
&Prime; double prime instead of   "
&deg; ° degree
&there4; therefore
&oslash; ø empty set
&isin; member
&notin; not member
&cap; cap
&cup; cup instead of   U
&sub; proper subset
&sup; proper superset
&sube; subset
&supe; superset
&not; ¬ not
&and; and
&or; or instead of   V
&exist; there exists
&forall; for all
&rarr; right arrow
&larr; left arrow
&harr; arrow
&rArr; right double arrow
&lArr; left double arrow
&hArr; double arrow
&oplus; circled plus
&otimes; circled times
&perp; bottom
&lceil; left ceiling
&rceil; right ceiling
&lfloor; left floor
&rfloor; right floor
&nabla; nabla
&permil; per mil
&hellip; horizontal ellipsis
&weierp; script capital P
&image; blackletter capital I
&real; blackletter capital R

Codes for Greek (and Hebrew Aleph)

&alefsym; Hebrew aleph
&alpha; α   &Alpha; Α
&beta; β   &Beta; Β
&gamma; γ   &Gamma; Γ
&delta; δ   &Delta; Δ
&epsilon; ε   &Epsilon; Ε
&zeta; ζ   &Zeta; Ζ
&eta; η   &Eta; Η
&theta; or
θ or ϑ   &Theta; Θ
&iota; ι   &Iota; Ι
&kappa; κ   &Kappa; Κ
&lambda; λ   &Lambda; Λ
&mu; or
μ or µ   &Mu; Μ
&nu; ν   &Nu; Ν
&xi; ξ   &Xi; Ξ
&omicron; ο   &Omicron; Ο
&pi; or
π or ϖ   &Pi; Π
&rho; ρ   &Rho; Ρ
&sigma; σ   &Sigma; Σ
&tau; τ   &Tau; Τ
&upsilon; υ   &Upsilon; Υ
&upsih; ϒ   upsilon with hook
&phi; φ   &Phi; Φ
&chi; χ   &Chi; Χ
&psi; ψ   &Psi; Ψ
&omega; ω   &Omega; Ω

Codes for Business

symb   Name
&cent; ¢ Cent
&euro; Euro
&pound; £ Pound sterling
&yen; ¥ Yen
&curren; ¤ currency
&copy; © copyright mark
&reg; ® registered trademark
&trade; trademark This is easier than <sup><font size="-2">TM</font></sup> (TM), looks better, and gives more information to readers

Codes for Letters From Other Languages

dieresis or
umlaut mark
capital A &Aacute; (Á) &Agrave; (À) &Auml; (Ä) &Acirc; (Â) &Abreve; (Ă) &Atilde; (Ã) &Aring; (Å)
small a &aacute; (á) &agrave; (à) &auml; (ä) &acirc; (â) &abreve; (ă) &atilde; (ã) &aring; (å)
capital E &Eacute; (É) &Egrave; (È) &Euml; (Ë) &Ecirc; (Ê)
small e &eacute; (é) &egrave; (è) &euml; (ë) &ecirc; (ê)
capital I &Iacute; (Í) &Igrave; (Ì) &Iuml; (Ï) &Icirc; (Î)
small i &iacute; (í) &igrave; (ì) &iuml; (ï) &icirc; (î)
capital O &Oacute; (Ó) &Ograve; (Ò) &Ouml; (Ö) &Ocirc; (Ô) &Otilde; (Õ) &Oslash; (Ø)
small o &oacute; (ó) &ograve; (ò) &ouml; (ö) &ocirc; (ô) &otilde; (õ) &oslash; (ø)
capital U &Uacute; (Ú) &Ugrave; (Ù) &Uuml; (Ü) &Ucirc; (Û) &Ubreve; (Ŭ)
small u &uacute; (ú) &ugrave; (ù) &uuml; (ü) &ucirc; (û) &ubreve; (ŭ)
&AElig; Æ capital AE diphthong (ligature)
&aelig; æ small ae diphthong (ligature)
&Ccedil; Ç capital C, cedilla
&ccedil; ç capital c, cedilla
&ETH; Ð capital Eth, Icelandic
&eth; ð small eth, Icelandic
&Ntilde; Ñ capital N, tilde
&ntilde; ñ small n, tilde
&#337; ő o with double acute accent, Hungarian
&scedil; ş small s, cedilla
&szlig; ß small sharp s, German (sz ligature)
&THORN; Þ capital THORN, Icelandic
&thorn; þ small thorn, Icelandic
&Yacute; Ý capital Y, acute accent
&yacute; ý small y, acute accent
&yuml; ÿ small y, dieresis or umlaut mark
For more characters, see UTF-8 Latin Extended A at
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